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AGoT Arya 1: what the Stark girls look like

Sansa (and Catelyn) have high cheekbones and thick auburn hair.

Arya is “skinny” and looks like Ned, with “lusterless brown” hair and a “long and solemn” face (also attributed here to Jon). (Sansa, Bran and Rickon are described in contrast as having “easy smiles.”)

And Arya is called good at managing a household; do we ever hear about that again?

Bonus direwolf description: Nymeria has yellow eyes; Ghost is larger than the other direwolves.


AGoT Eddard 1: Winterfell heart tree = Stark face – evidence

The face of Winterfell’s heart tree is “long and melancholy.”

The face of Rickard Stark is “long” and “stern.”

Starks in general are “melancholy” (Robert isĀ  momentarily as melancholy as one).

AGoT Catelyn 1: Winterfell heart tree = Stark face?

Catelyn describes the face of the Winterfell heart tree as “long and melancholy.” I seem to recall similar words being used to describe prototypical Stark faces, e.g. Jon’s. We’ll see if my memory is correct.