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AGoT Daenerys 6

  • “His manhood glistened wetly.” I’m guessing GRRM doesn’t have a secret sideline writing harlequins. Dany might be able to, though: she clearly learned her sexual mores somewhere other than at a Westerosi septa’s knee.
  • Dany’s too-easy-to-forget silly side is highlighted in this chapter, with the business of the sausages, et al.
  • “[The caravan master] seemed to know what had happened without a word being spoken.” Yeah, maybe because he was in on it? Dany’s still a bit naive (though believably so) not to think of this.

AGoT Daenerys II: foreshadowing, etc.

Here Dany’s dream sequence foreshadows the pregnancy/miscarriage/dragon connection, and features Viserys yelling “you woke the dragon,” a statement that will become literally true. (Also there’s a soon-to-be-ironic conversation between Viserys and Illyrio about the former’s impatience for his crown.)

The words fear, afraid, frightened/ing, terror/ified are used incessantly in association with Dany, not to mention the times she is described as shaking, stomach-roiling, etc. It’s almost overdone. The consummation/conjugal rape scene is a surprisingly evocative and plausible presentation of her feelings, though, given that I remember ASoIaF sex writing as being mostly either perfunctory or embarassingly cheesy.

(I so wanted Dany to be a horse girl, too, but now she’s described as knowing little about horses or riding. Darn. Maybe does love horses, but has had insufficient opportunities to actually ride them?)

As a bonus, we learn a little bit more about what Dothraki look like: “men and women alike wore painted leather vests over bare chests [on the women? if so, why is Qartheen costume made to seem such a big deal later?] and horsehair leggings cinched by bronze medallion belts.”

AGoT Catelyn 2: ewww

“So when they had finished, Ned rolled off and climbed from her bed, as he had a thousand times before … Her loins still ached from the urgency of his lovemaking. It was a good ache. She could feel his seed within her.”

Like reading about your parents having sex.