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AGoT Bran 2: what we know about Robb Stark, plus Jaime’s Kingsguard status

He has an opinion about Jaime Lannister: he tells Bran that “[Jaime] had killed the old mad king and shouldn’t count [as a member of the Kingsguard] any more.”

(I always wondered at Jaime’s inclusion in the Kingsguard, both originally–since the Kingsguard is a more appropriate place for younger/”extra” sons–and after Robert’s ascension. The explanation eventually given–that in the first case King Aerys wanted to anger Tywin, and in the second case Jaime wanted to stay near Cersei–has never seemed completely satisfying, especially since Tywin does not consider Tyrion an acceptable heir and so would obviously take any reasonable opportunity to get Jaime out of his Kingsguard obligations. Maybe releasing Jaime from his Kingsguard status after killing Aerys would seem such an admission of guilt, that if done it would have to be accompanied by treason proceedings? We’ll see how the story is gradually revealed in future books.)


AGoT Bran 2: Old Nan’s stories

Old Nan said there were ghosts [in the Red Keep], and dungeons where terrible things had been done, and dragon heads on the walls.


Old Nan said [the Kingsguard] were the finest swords in all the realm.


Old Nan told him a story about a bad little boy who climbed too high and was struck down by lightning, and how afterward the crows came to peck out his eyes.

Old Nan’s score for this round:

  • ghosts: unproveable
  • dungeons: true
  • …where terrible things have been done: probably true in the past, certainly true in the (Qyburn) future
  • dragon heads: true in the past
  • Kingsguard finest swords: true in some cases
  • boy climbed too high, was struck down, “eye” pecked at by crow: metaphorical foreshadowing!