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AGoT Tyrion 8

  • See, Kevan knows what’s up.
  • We find out about the battle by way of a sort of comedy routine by the semicompetent Lannister vassals. It’s an interesting alternative to the standard fantasy novel play-by-play.
  • “Stannis [is] a greater danger than all the others combined.” Speaking as a belated Stannis fan, word.
  • Tywin: “Bolton does not concern me.” Sounds like he’s already turned.

AGoT Tyrion 7

Note that it’s been nearly a year since Tyrion had sex. The TV show’s introduction of his character seemed off to me for exactly this reason: the books show him not as a guy who constantly sleeps with lots of random prostitutes (at once!), but as a fairly strict serial monogamist. I think the only time we’ll see him have sex with a woman who isn’t his “girlfriend” is in ADwD, and he doesn’t exactly enjoy that.

For me, the battle scenes in fantasy novels are generally the boring stuff I have to get through, but this chapter’s is about as good as they meant. Tyrion’s rallying speech, and later taking out of the knight … classic. And I can hear the sounds of the Lannister trumpets. (And it’s interesting that, if I’m remembering the later books correctly, pretty much all the real battle scenes are from the POV of Tyrion, e.g., someone on the “bad” side.)

  • “Ser Kevan seldom ‘had a thought’ that Lord Tywin had not had first.” I don’t think that’s exactly fair.
  • Another awesome line: “Black Ears did not eat with Stone Crows, Stone Crows did not eat with Moon Brothers, and no one ate with Burned Men.”
  • Shae is introduced: “slim, dark-haired, no more than eighteen,” little over five feet tall. I do like the “men call me … often” line.
  • But more¬† importantly, Podrick Payne is introduced!
  • Shagga and Conn are sweet.
  • Tywin’s withholding of battle plans from Tyrion parallels Robb’s later treatment of Edmure.

AGoT Tyrion 6

  • Note how Tyrion pins the mountain clans’ ineffectiveness on their relatively democratic (not to mention relatively gender equitable) social organization.
  • A two-foot-long unicorn horn on one’s helmet would probably wreak havoc with one’s balance.
  • We meet Tywin: a tall, physically fit older man, with a shaved head except for the sideburns.
    Kevan is similarly large, but portly and balding: Tywin had he let himself go?
  • “May they take fifty more.” Love it.
  • People with the right idea in this chapter: Kevan (doesn’t want to take Robb’s bait) and Chella (alone of the clan chiefs, realizes they need to keep Tyrion hostage).