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AGoT Daenerys 7

I guess this is the Chapter of the Rapes, although they are not depicted approvingly, and are hard to call “gratuitous” as the occasion for Dany’s development as a humanitarian and leader. Whether using rape as a tool of character development is that good of an idea is another discussion. But I appreciate that the rapes are not glamorized or fetishized, as seems to happen in much ostensibly feminist fiction I read lately: Martin never lets his readers have their disapproval cake while eating lasciviously-lingered-over play-by-play rape details.

And just when we thought there wasn’t enough male-on-male rape in the books: “the brothels are paying double for healthy young girls, and triple for boys under ten.”

Elsewhere in this chapter:

  • What is known? “The Lamb Men lay with sheep.”
  • How many times can this chapter mention Mirri Maz Duur’s plumpness, flat-nosed-ness, and middle-aged-ness? At least four. It appears to be impossible to mention her at all without hitting on the above characteristics. This tic seems too obvious not to be deliberate, but what could its purpose be?
  • Does Mirri intend, from the start, to harm Drogo, Dany and/or The Fetus That Mounts The World? I find it impossible to tell (and I like that ambiguity).
  • “Dany felt she could trust [Mirri Maz Duur]; she had saved her from … her rapers, after all.” A bit heavy-handed there, but once again an effective reminder that “saving” the downtrodden doesn’t always have the effect the privileged intend.

AGoT Daenerys 3

  • “Viserys still struggled with the short stirrups and the flat saddle:” this line reminds me of a horse book I read as a kid (unfortunately don’t remember which one) which discussed how the Moors’ simple saddles and short stirrups gave them a maneuverability advantage over fully armored European crusader knights, whose saddles were essentially chairs from which they had little ability to move. I can practically see the book’s pencil illustrations in my head.
  • We learn more about Jorah’s appearance: in addition to being middle-aged, balding, and robustly built, he is “not handsome” and has extensive body hair.
  • Jorah also makes the first use (I think) of the phrase game of thrones, in the context of raising Dany’s consciousness of the poor and their lack of interest in who rules them, so long as said ruler isn’t making their lives any harder than they otherwise would be.
  • There’s another foreshadowing dream, associating dragons with birth imagery and depicting a self-immolating Dany.
  • There are Targaryen lemurs in Qohor!
  • Daenerys and the handmaids talk about dragons while in the bath – the ultimate inspiration for the Viserys/Doreah sexposition scene in the TV show?
  • What is known: dragons are evil. The moon is a goddess, wife of the sun.
  • Dany is now fourteen.