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AGoT Bran 2: out of the mouths of babes

Bran demonstrates his observational skills (considerably greater than his father’s!) by noticing that “Jon seemed to be angry at everyone these days” … but immediately demonstrates his naivety by romanticizing the Night’s Watch.

Other notable tidbits from this chapter:

  • the first mention of Hodor
  • the first mention of Grey Wind, Lady, and Shaggydog’s names
  • possibly the first mention of Petyr Baelish, by Cersei (I might have missed an earlier mention of him)
  • Ned says “You’re not my son” — fodder for a new theory? (Kidding, kidding. He follows it with, “you’re a squirrel.”)

AGoT Arya 1: what the Stark girls look like

Sansa (and Catelyn) have high cheekbones and thick auburn hair.

Arya is “skinny” and looks like Ned, with “lusterless brown” hair and a “long and solemn” face (also attributed here to Jon). (Sansa, Bran and Rickon are described in contrast as having “easy smiles.”)

And Arya is called good at managing a household; do we ever hear about that again?

Bonus direwolf description: Nymeria has yellow eyes; Ghost is larger than the other direwolves.