AGoT Daenerys 8

When first we met MMD, she had a simpering attitude towards Dany whose sincerity I could not judge. Now, after a number of days of ill treatment at the hands of the Dothraki (Dany didn’t think to keep MMD in her own train where she could see how she was treated?) her antipathy is clear, and she’s no longer afraid enough of further punishment to modulate her tone (maybe she doesn’t think things can get much worse). I doubt her original prescription for Drogo was actually poisonous (since he didn’t follow it anyway, it can hardly be blamed for his current condition), but she’s willing to mislead Dany by omission.

Of course, Dany is willing to be misled. I’ve always found her naivete here a little unbelievable, though not completely so if taken in context. She’s so focused on the present situation that she’s not thinking about the future: she “tells herself” that she would die, presumably killing her unborn child as well and thus, so far as she knows, ending the Targaryen line forever, to save Drogo. And she’s still unable to see that the people she “saves” may not consider themselves helped, or be grateful. (I think she’s still working on that lesson as the end of ADwD, although she’s much closer to getting it by then.)

What would have happened if Dany and Jorah had gone to Asshai? If they had taken the dragon eggs, would someone there know how to hatch them?

Through the walls of the tent Dany glimpses “the shadow of a great wolf, and another like a man wreathed in flames.” Something Stark-related, and something R’hllor-related? But presumably Jorah and the others do not see anything particularly paranormal, or they would not think to take her into the tent. Is Dany the only one who can see the apparitions? If so, is it because MMD “aimed” them at Dany, or because of some inherent quality of Dany? Or are the apparitions all in Dany’s own mind?


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