AGoT Sansa 5

  • Why has the number of courtiers decreased so steeply? They’re so afraid of what Joffrey/Cersei might do, they get out of town? Or they just don’t think a Lannister administration will be as free with material favors as Robert was, so they choose not to waste their time currying?
  • Ironic that Sansa — not, say, Ned or Robb or Catelyn — feels “she had become a ghost, dead before her time.”
  • The new regime summons most potential rebel lords “and [all their] sons” to swear fealty — but they only ask for Walder Frey and his heir. After all, if he brought all his sons, they’d be taking oaths for a month.
  • Sansa’s beginning to snap out of her dissociative psychotic state: her “heart goes out” to Selmy, and she actually cares about Arya for a minute, before remembering Arya ruined her dress. (Speaking of which: “Arya had ruined it, but [Sansa]’d had them dye it black and you couldn’t see the stain at all.” Pretty sure that’s symbolic of somethin’ or other.)
  • Pycelle is willing to do most of Cersei’s announcing dirty work, but makes her fire Selmy herself. A glimmering of honor on Pycelle’s part, or just physical fear of Selmy?
  • What a fabulous image of Slynt and his sons carrying the shield.

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