AGoT Tyrion 5 (more spoilery than usual)

Another obese comic relief character: Mord the jailer, “twenty stone of gross stupidity” with a “heavy white belly.” He comes through for Tyrion in the end, though.

Lysa is pretty shameless in accusing Tyrion of killing her husband. Did she not really understand what “the tears” Baelish had her put in her husband’s wine were? Or is she simply capable, like some people I’ve known, of conveniently “forgetting” the truth and truly believing her own lies?

“Catelyn Stark might take a man prisoner, but she’d never stoop to rob him. That wouldn’t be honorable.” A nice description both of Catelyn and of what’s wrong with Westerosi noble ethics.

Lyn Corbray: “‘The gods favor the man with just cause … yet often that turns out to be the man with the surest sword.” Interesting that they seem perfectly aware that trials by combat are bunk, yet continue to use them.


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