AGoT Daenerys 4: rape and patriarchy

Something about the wording and arrangement makes it hilarious, as well as a wonderfully economical illumination of Viserys’ character:

Spying an obscene likeness of a woman with six breasts and a ferret’s head, he rode off to inspect it more closely.

But to get serious about the objectification of women, ferret-headed or otherwise: so far this reread has not accorded with charges that the Song of Ice and Fire books contain “TWENTY THOUSAND MILLION” rape scenes — there has only been Daenerys’ wedding, at which both she and some bystanders were subjected to sex that was to at least some degree non-consensual. Now there’s the additional assertion one of the bloodriders “sometimes made Irri sob in the night.” Not a huge amount for being halfway through the first, long book, and all the descriptions have been matter-of-fact, almost perfunctory; if they’re meant to titillate the reader they’re not doing a very good job. Rather, the rape instances are meant to say something, and not something approving, about the kind of society in which slavery and the type of “marriage”  equivalent to the selling of women exist.

In this chapter we also learn that Viserys, like Robert, considers Daenerys a “slut” for having a child with her husband (the one he sold her too, remember?)


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