AGoT Tyrion 4

I really do like these Tyrion chapters, but for some reason usually find little in them to specifically remark upon. His banter (“Don’t kill him anywhere”) is generally great (and Catelyn’s obtuseness infuriating).

  • Lots of minor players are mentioned by name and their battle deeds enumerated, despite the fact that most of them are going to be either killed before the chapter is out, or never significantly mentioned again.
  • The death of Tyrion’s horse is “one more debt owed to the Starks,” which he has yet to personally repay. One could say the Lannisters communally repaid it via the Red Wedding, but I like these words better as foreshadowing of a future Tyrion-against-Stark move.
  • Meet Bronn: “bone thin and bone hard, with black eyes and black hair, and a stubble of beard.” He’s a surprisingly worldly guy, knowing, for example, that Dothraki like horse meat.

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