AGoT Eddard 9

Ned sure is racking up the chapters. In this one:

  • We learn that Lyanna believed Robert would be unfaithful to her, while Ned (apparently apropos of nothing) muses that Rhaegar would not have been.
  • We also learn that the (still unspecified) deathbed “promises” (plural) Ned made to Lyanna have had a high price.
  • Robert is said to have impregnated Edric Storm’s mother “while Stannis and his bride were still dancing.” Stannis, dancing?
  • Cersei already had a couple of Robert’s bastards killed and their mother enslaved(!)
  • Sheesh, Ned, how long does it take you to give up on the continued existence of “the Robert [you] had known”?
  • Again with the casual, pervasive sexism: Jaime won’t stake much on “a woman’s honor.”

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