AGoT Catelyn 5

  • “[Catelyn and Lysa] had served [mud pies] to Littlefinger, giggling, and he’d eaten so much mud he was sick for a week.” Yeah, kids are sociopaths. Ain’t it cute?
  • Another minor obese character: Masha Heddle of the Inn at the Crossroads.
  • The Blackwood/Bracken feud is explicated! I didn’t remember it being previously mentioned when I read about it in ADwD.
  • “Lord Frey… filled his twin castles with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and bastards and grandbastards as well.” Apparently bastards are not children.
  • Jaime’s fateful tourney loss to Loras is mentioned yet again (as the reason for Marillion’s presence in this, his introductory chapter). This event seems to have the dubious distinction of being memorable enough to be frequently remarked on, but not quite so memorable that significant lies about it (Jaime’s own brother having won a bet on the match) can’t pass for truth.

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