AGoT Eddard 5

  • Maester Colemon was “purging” Jon Arryn; Pycelle stopped him, and used sedatives to make sure he “never spoke again.” Did Colemon suspect Arryn was being poisoned? (Purging would be an attempt to make him vomit out or otherwise expel toxins.) Were Pycelle and Littlefinger in cahoots?
  • Boo to Ned for saying “poison is a woman’s weapon” (though he might have meant Cersei specifically rather than women categorically). And to Pycelle for equating “women, cravens … and eunuchs.”
  • Old Nan says: “Dark wings, dark words.” A sentiment endorsed by fishwives (who are apparently equivalent to wet nurses).
  • “[D]ark red blooms of dragon’s breath surrounded the [Stark] girls where they lay.” Flowers, or foreshadowing?

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