AGoT Eddard 4

  • The theme here is clearly decadence: we hear all about the opulent furnishings of the council room, Renly’s clothing budget, and once again, Varys’ perfume.
  • Famous last words: Ned: “I do not plan on melting soon, Lord Baelish.”
  • Pycelle is introduced: he’s bald, with a wispy white fringe, and wears a compound of about two dozen normal Maester’s chains. (Decadence again.)
  • Aerys was apparently a good financial manager, or anyway not a spendthrift. Who knew?
  • The fat lady sings in this chapter. (It’s all over for Ned when he accepts Petyr Baelish’s “help.”)
  • Petyr uses some nice reverse psychology on Ned re: the dagger and whether to further investigate it.

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