AGoT Eddard 2: what we know about the past, so far

(Originally the R+L=J evidence thread, now expanded to include the Robert’s rebellion historical morass that surrounds it)

About Lyanna:

  • She died of bleeding and/or fever (AGoT Eddard 1)
  • She extracted a promise from Eddard just before her death, implied to be a promise that he see her buried in the Winterfell crypt (AGoT Eddard 1)
  • Robert believes she was raped “hundreds” of times by Rhaegar (AGoT Eddard 2)

About Jon Snow’s parentage:

  • Ned will not name Jon’s mother (AGoT Catelyn 2)
  • Winterfell servants once spread rumours that Jon’s mother is Ashara Dayne. Ned was not thrilled with this and silenced the servants (AGoT Catelyn 2)
  • Ned told Catelyn not to ask about Jon, and called Jon his “blood” (AGoT Catelyn 2)
  • Robert believes Jon’s mother is a commoner named Wylla (AGoT Eddard 2)
  • Ned says of Wylla, “I dishonored myself and I dishonored Catelyn” (AGoT Eddard 2) [Now that is interesting, assuming you don’t believe Jon is the biological son of Ned and Wylla. Is lying about Jon’s true parentage (rather than anything to do with Wylla) the “dishonor” Ned is really talking about? It’s a bit of a stretch to see that lie as dishonoring Catelyn. Or did Ned in fact sleep with Wylla, thus giving Ned’s statement the same sort of grain of truth as “he is my blood”?]

About Robert’s rebellion:

  • Aerys did something “unspeakable” to Ned’s father and brother, which led to at least the father’s death (AGoT Eddard 2)
  • The Lannisters did not take sides until late in the game (AGoT Eddard 2)
  • After taking Robert’s side, Tywin took possession of King’s Landing by pretending to be allied with Aerys (AGoT Eddard 2)
  • Tywin presented Robert with the corpses of Aerys’ wife and children. Robert’s uncritical acceptance of this caused a brief schism between him and Ned (AGoT Eddard 2)
  • Jaime, who was seventeen, killed Aerys, then briefly sat on his throne and behaved in a flippant manner(AGoT Eddard 2)

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