AGoT Tyrion 1: potpourri

  • For a first POV chapter, this chapter reveals surprisingly little of Tyrion’s inner life: it’s largely composed of dialog. We do get a sense of his intelligence through his subtle observation of his siblings’ behavior, though. And we learn that he’s willing to stand up to Joffrey.
  • The Winterfell library is sold hard in the opening paragraphs, probably in an attempt to make the reader care about its forthcoming destruction by fire.
  • Sandor’s “spirits of the air!” schtick feels out of character: is he elsewhere portrayed as a stand-up comedian?
  • Joffrey: “I cannot abide the wailing of women.” I’m hoping to eventually look for patterns in these off-handed sexist comments: do their sources tend to mostly be less admirable characters? characters headed for a gruesome end?
  • IMHO, cooking bacon “until it turns black” is a waste of good bacon.
  • The younger pseudo-Baratheon children are once again portrayed as nice kids.
  • Jaime says he would euthanize a son of his that was in Bran’s situation. Of course he is literally hoping to convince those in authority over Bran to euthanize him, for purely selfish reasons–but it’s interesting to consider the words as applied to Joffrey: is Jaime aware of his actual son’s problematic nature? Does he wish he had not brought him into the world, or could remove him from it?

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