AGoT Bran 2: the things he doesn’t do for love

The man looked over at the woman. “The things I do for love,” he said with loathing [italics mine].

I’m used to thinking of Jaime as having a turning point re: his relationship with Cersei when he learns how many other men she’s been sleeping with. However, here we see him already addressing her with “loathing.” His dialogue before Bran’s appearance can be summed up as “will you shut up and have sex already!”; his predominant emotions are boredom and impatience.

No doubt Jaime still believes he “loves” Cersei at this point, but if this was ever a relationship of mutual emotional gratification, it already isn’t anymore.

Still … that’s one great line there.


2 responses to “AGoT Bran 2: the things he doesn’t do for love

  • scarlett45

    IMO Jaime is frustrated due to his feelings of jealousy and impatience having been forced to travel with Robert for a month. Which also meant that he and Cersei hadn’t had any “private time” for a month. We get a pretty detailed flashback regarding is emotions during this time during ASOS. Also I don’t think he WANTED to push Bran out of the window, but of course the chance that he and Cersei would be found out were far to great to risk it.

    I have always thought that Jaime’s anger at Cersei’s sexual relationships weren’t due to a feeling of ownership, but to the fact that the second he gets back all she does is breate him for his injury and degrade him. Combine that with his knowledge of her new relations he probably feels that she has fallen out of love with him and PREFERS theses “whole” men to him.

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