AGoT Bran 2: Old Nan’s stories

Old Nan said there were ghosts [in the Red Keep], and dungeons where terrible things had been done, and dragon heads on the walls.


Old Nan said [the Kingsguard] were the finest swords in all the realm.


Old Nan told him a story about a bad little boy who climbed too high and was struck down by lightning, and how afterward the crows came to peck out his eyes.

Old Nan’s score for this round:

  • ghosts: unproveable
  • dungeons: true
  • …where terrible things have been done: probably true in the past, certainly true in the (Qyburn) future
  • dragon heads: true in the past
  • Kingsguard finest swords: true in some cases
  • boy climbed too high, was struck down, “eye” pecked at by crow: metaphorical foreshadowing!

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