AGoT Bran 2: foreshadowing

AfterA Dance with Dragons, this chapter seems to brim with foreshadowing of Bran’s inhabitation of birds, werewoods, and wolves.

Bran would have sworn [his direwolf] understood every word that was said to him…


The heart tree had always frightened him; trees ought not have eyes, Bran thought…


…Bran could see all of Winterfell … spread out beneath him … in a way even Robb would never know.


Old Nan told  him a story about a bad little boy who climbed too high and was struck down by lightning, and how afterward the crows came to peck out his eyes.


There was another thing he liked about climbing; it was almost like being invisible.


[Climbing barefoot] made him feel as if he had four hands instead of two….He liked…the crows in the broken tower…


Most of all, he liked … seeing the grey sprawl of Winterfell in a way that no one else ever saw it.


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