AGoT Arya 1: gender; plus, does Sandor want Joffrey dead?

“You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s house equal in honor to the King’s.”

“The woman is important too!” Arya protested.

Good for her, even if the woman she’s defending (Cersei) is less than admirable.

A few pages later, just so we don’t forget the institutional sexism Arya is doomed to struggle against:

“Are you training women here?”

BTW, Sandor says this while trying to convince Ser Rodrik to let Joffrey and Robb fight with real swords. Does Sandor want Joffrey dead, wounded, or at least put in his place?

(Another of Sandor’s pro-real swords arguments: “I killed a man at twelve.” Arya will, of course, beat that record.)


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