AGoT Prologue – what we know about the Others

(One of various posts in which I track what is revealed about something or someone, in the order in which it is revealed. Yes, I know I could look this kind of thing up on Westeros or Tower of the Hand, but my purpose is to examine the organic process of absorbing information as it is revealed in the books.)

  • The air turns cold in their presence.
  • They resemble shadows (in one place, oxymoronically, a “white shadow”).
  • They are tall and gaunt with hard, pale flesh.
  • Their armor “seem[s] to change color as [they move]; here … white as new-fallen snow, there black as shadow, everywhere dappled with the deep grey-green of the trees.” (Is this their armor, or part of their skin?)
  • An Other’s sword is “a shard of crystal so thin that it seem[s] to vanish when seen edge-on” which shimmers with a faint blue light.
  • They move silently — but Will later hears their “voices and laughter,” a strangely humanizing detail.
  • One person they killed is reanimated with “burning” blue pupils and ice-cold flesh.

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