AGoT Eddard 1: an early sign of Jaime non-villainousness?

The queen had begun to protest [the King’s visiting the Winterfell crypts] … [but] her twin brother Jaime had taken her quietly by the arm, and she had said no more.

Sympathy on Jaime’s part for Robert? Or simply a desire to prevent Cersei from causing a scene which could, by drawing attention, endanger both Cersei and himself?


2 responses to “AGoT Eddard 1: an early sign of Jaime non-villainousness?

  • scarlett45

    Hi! I found your blog via “Race for the Irone Throne”. I think this is an instance of Jaime “taking care of” Cersei. I don’t think Jaime cares one wit about Robert, but I do know that Jaime’s love for his sister is real. He wants to prevent her from saying and doing something she shouldn’t protesting against Robert is useless, it will only anger him and make her look influential as his Queen (which she is, but the northerners don’t know that). IMO alienating Jaime in AFFC was the stupidest thing Cersei ever did. He was her most loyal supporter…

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    […] Here, Robb once again proves himself a typical teenage boy, with an undeveloped sense of self-control. He agrees to Joffrey’s proposition that they fight with real swords and, when Ser Rodrik vetos this, gets so angry that he shout curses and must be restrained by Theon (who thus demonstrates both his greater social astuteness, and his caring for Robb — unless he’s just trying to prevent a scene that could reflect badly on him). […]

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